Wednesday, May 26, 2004

About my brother. Well, I guess I should update...

It's not good. Here is the lowdown. It is very touch and go. He has an extremely bad heart. His blood pressure is very unstable. He had 8" of his intestine removed, his appendix removed, and a colostomy, due to a very bad infection he developed in his stomach. They performed a Tracheotomy to improve his breathing since the ventilator wasn't doing the trick. He also has a clot in his heart that they are trying to dissolve with blood thinners. His kidneys have failed and has been on Dialysis for about 4 days now. He has severe sleep apnea and they believe that is the major contributing factor to his health problems. His fever was at 105.0 degrees for several days and is now hovering at around 101.0. It really did a number on his neurological function. He basically is in a catatonic state. He blinks and we think he knows we are there but... who knows really. We are just taking it one day at a time now, which is really all we can do. We have been at the hospital nearly everyday all day long. holding his hand, talking to him, etc... Even tried to put the Laker game on to try and stimulate his senses. He LOVES the Lakers. So basically he needs all the prayers he can get. Mostly praying that he won't be in pain anymore, whatever way that has to happen. Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers. I very much appreciate them.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Where is the light?

My brother almost died last night. He's in intensive care right now. I don't know how much more I can take of all the death and sickness around me. This has been the worst year of my life. I miss my mother so much sometimes I can barely cope. I have cried more times in the last 9 days than I care to count. Mothers Day was hard, her birthday 3 days later was unbearable. I'm in a slump now and I can't seem to budge. Yesterday morning the phone rings, it's the hospital and my brother's doctor informs us he's taking him into surgery in 1 hour and chances are he isn't going to make it through. But, if he doesn't have the surgery he will most certainly die within 48 hours. Michael and my father and I spent the entire day at his bedside. I watched my father cry. Again. Grieving bedside for a loved one. Like he did for the first part of this year already for my mother. Is there light at the end of this tunnel? Because so far... I don't even see a spark.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

How much of our lovely country have you seen?

Thanks to Bon for this. This is cool! I have seen 66% of our beautiful country!

Here's the link for your enjoyment.

Wow! I've seen a lot of country! I actually have lived in 6 of these states. Born in Michigan. Raised in California since I was three. Left to go live in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine, and Kentucky. But, my heart has always been in California.

There is just something about this twisted effed up state that I can't seem to shake. (no pun intended) And, speaking of shaking I have been here for all the major shakers since the '71 Sylmar quake. That one threw me out of bed. I remember our rain oil lamp (remember those?) swinging back and forth from its chain and almost clipping my father in the head. The Whittier quake in '87. Loma Prieta in 1989. Cape Mendocino and Landers/Big Bear... all three in 1992. And the Northridge Quake back in January of '94. That's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on when you look back at it. That is really only a partial list, too. There have been so many many more. One reason I mention this is that I think the people around here have been just a little 'on guard' as to when the next big one is coming. It seems with all the disaster movies and early heat, (it's the "Shake and Bake" factor) it's making people uneasy. At least those I've spoken to. Eh, whatcha gonna do? The weather is too darn gorgeous here to worry about any of it. At least we don't live in Tornado Alley anymore. That was uneasy living.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Happy Birthday, Mommy

Today I celebrate the day the most beautiful woman in the world was born. My mother.

Happy Birthday, Mommy. I love you deeply. I miss you terribly.

May the Angels throw you the most incredible birthday party you have ever known.

Your loving daughter,

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

25 things you should know about me...

1. My name is Debra
2. I am a middle child between 2 brothers
3. I am married to the most generous and thoughtful man on the planet
4. I am in complete and utter love with my 3 children
5. I simply cannot function without my morning coffee
6. Acting is my chosen profession (or has it chosen me?)
7. I am an insufferable flirt
8. I am hopelessly addicted to home improvement shows
9. I hate excercise, until I'm doing it, then I actually like it
10. I love my friends and am extremely loyal to them
11. I am a good driver (stop laughing, honey)
12. I am a natural blonde (and I can prove it!)
13. I am extremely honest (sometimes to a fault)
14. I absolutely adore babies
15. I love entertaining and will throw a party for ANY occasion
16. I have 2 cats and a dog (well, 4 cats now... my cat just had kittens)
17. I hate to do laundry
18. I have a secret crush on Dennis Quaid. Oh, and Andy Garcia! Rawr!
19. I am a terrible bowler (unless I use those rubber bumpers)
20. I'm scared to death that people will walk away not liking me
21. I cry at Hallmark commercials
22. I have good comedic timing but cannot write my own jokes for shit
23. I was the first baby born in my city for that year! (nope, not telling what year.)
24. Screw it... 1963
25. Wine makes me giddy
26. When I started this I couldn't think of a damn thing to write and now I don't want to stop. But, I'll spare you. And that my me.

Monday, May 10, 2004

MY first post to my new blog! YAY!

My very dear dear friend and soul sister, the great Bonnie Gillespie, set me up a little blog. How cool is that, eh? I was "complaining" to her last night that I didn't have a decent little place to go and write down my thoughts (like she has here at --> BonBlogs ) Bonnie in true form grabbed onto that wish of mine and followed through with a promise she made to me that she would "hook me up" and just a few minutes ago I received an email from the goddess herself with all the details of my new wonderful little corner of the web! The beautiful introduction was written by her. *smiles* I will probably change it in time. Mainly so I don't look so conceited! ;-) But, for now, I think I'll let it stay! So off we go! Into the wild wild world of me. Hope you enjoy! Hang on and fasten your seat belts! Sometimes life in the world of Debra can be a bit of a bumpy ride! And, Thanks, sis! I love you bigger than the sky!

Debra's First Blog Post

This is where Debra's first blog post will go. She will tell us all about her journey and we will gather 'round and tell her how very proud we are of being publically grateful and sharing her process of becoming the woman we all know her to be: a goddess, a treasure, and a brilliant, soulful friend to the planet.