Monday, June 12, 2006

The Happiest Girl on Earth

This is the face of our sweet little girl going through the gates of Disneyland for the first time! At least the first time she will remember. We brought her when she was a baby but THIS was HER wonderful, magical, glee-filled first time!!!

And what a fantastic first time it was!!! More pictures to come later, after we get them developed. Forgot the digital, so we bought a couple of disposables and snapped a couple with the cellphones. She was in heaven ALL DAY LONG! So was I really. I just love watching her get so excited! That's the best fun of all!

We got a HUGE hotel room and made a weekend of it. We swam, we shopped, we ate breakfast with The Fairy Godmother, Captain Hook, Chip and Dale, Winnie The Pooh and Tigger too!!! Hoohoohoohoo! (ahem, sorry) And we found out that our rough and tumble dare-devil little 5 year old isn't so fearless when it comes to some of the rides offered at the Happiest Place on Earth! The Snow White ride scared the H-E-double hockey sticks out of her! So when we took her on the Alice in Wonderland ride she was prepared and stuck her head in my armpit the entire ride and wouldn't look up! Poor girl.

So where does one go when trying to convince your dear daughter that not ALL the rides at Disneyland are scary? Yep... It's a Small World. Then next stop Toon Town and a visit with Minnie Mouse and everything was all better. What a time we had! So much fun we are planning the next trip already!

And in the end when the day was over...

The Princess slept.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It's The Little Things, Really...

How do you survive those little moments of distress over finding dirty socks on the dining room table, your daughter's coloring book in the refrigerator and a phone call from your oldest daughter telling you she just ran out of gas a half a mile from your house and can you come help???

You remember the good times from the day before when you shared a wonderful Sunday brunch with your family, an early afternoon of being spoiled shopping with your hubby and a late day swim with your kids. Followed by a good old fashioned BBQ to finish it all off!!! *sigh* Yes, I can survive anything after a great day like that!

Also, have some GREAT news today! My cast just became more complete after receiving acceptance of offers to Erin Gray, Michael Swan, Patricia Place, and Ed Brigadier in the film I've been casting! Woohoo! I am a happy girl!