Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Awww, go jump in the lake!

What a blast this weekend was! We went to the family lake home in Kingsland, Texas on Lake LBJ. The property is right on the water with our own private boat dock. It was our (Me, Mike and the 2 younger kids) first weekend at the lakehouse. We had so much fun that when we got home we were all saying that we need a vacation from our vacation! Sean experienced a lot of firsts! First time on a speedboat, jetskiing, waterskiing, and first time being pulled on a 3-man raft behind the boat going 40 mph!!! I swear the smile never left his face the whole weekend! We are all sore and sunburned!

The first day was gorgeous! It was supposed to rain but, we avoided it all day. However, when the night came, the light show began! We had a nice little electrical storm come through and we sat out on the back deck facing the lake and watched. It was beautiful. With every bolt of lightning you could see the silhouette of the hills and trees, and, combined with the sound of the rain falling softly on the grass, it was absolutely breathtaking.

The next morning it was a little overcast but it didn't stop us. We packed a couple coolers with drinks and lunch, boarded the boat and headed on out to Horseshoe Bay and the sand barge. The sand barge was very cool. It's this little spot right in the middle of an area of the lake that you can stand with the water coming up to just above your knees! Everyone anchors their boat and gets out to wade around, throw the frisbee, drink beer, crank the music! So fun!

My mother-in-law got a little seasick because the water was pretty choppy that day so we ended up taking her back to the house and decided we would just go waterskiing for awhile. Well, when we got to the house about 15 minutes later to drop her off, the thunder started. We looked up and saw big black clouds looming overhead. My sister-in-law starts saying, "Oh, it doesn't look that bad! Let's go back! It's still sunny above the sand barge! "We all started laughing and said, "Jess, we still have to come back this way sometime!" Those clouds don't look good!" Just then a huge bolt of lightning hits right in front of us and my brother-in-law without skipping a beat says, "That's it! Everybody out of the boat!" We barely get everyone out of the boat and the rain is pouring down on us! Thunder, lightning, boats speeding across the lake trying to get back to their respective homes! Yikes! 30 minutes later, the sun is shining and other than the wet grass and dock, it's like it never happened! They say out here in Texas, if you don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes. No kidding!

Maddie had so much fun too! She was her cousin Katie's shadow! She rode on the raft behind the boat too! Only we went A LOT slower for her! When we were on the boat she sat at the front and held on to the bar with her little life vest on with the wind blowing through her hair! It was so cute! She is the most fearless 4 year old I know! :) She conked out last night verrry early! Too. much. fun!

Well, after 3 days and 2 nights of frozen margaritas, pina coladas, beer, wine, enough food to feed an army, card games and all the fun in the sun and on the water that anyone could have, we are back home. Already planning for the fourth of July. The fireworks show there is supposed to be almost as good as the light show we got from both nights of electrical storms! We shall see!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

May 20, 2005 Captain's Log...

had to borrow Mike's glasses to see the street names on the map.

I'm so happy 'bout that I could just spit.