Tuesday, May 11, 2004

25 things you should know about me...

1. My name is Debra
2. I am a middle child between 2 brothers
3. I am married to the most generous and thoughtful man on the planet
4. I am in complete and utter love with my 3 children
5. I simply cannot function without my morning coffee
6. Acting is my chosen profession (or has it chosen me?)
7. I am an insufferable flirt
8. I am hopelessly addicted to home improvement shows
9. I hate excercise, until I'm doing it, then I actually like it
10. I love my friends and am extremely loyal to them
11. I am a good driver (stop laughing, honey)
12. I am a natural blonde (and I can prove it!)
13. I am extremely honest (sometimes to a fault)
14. I absolutely adore babies
15. I love entertaining and will throw a party for ANY occasion
16. I have 2 cats and a dog (well, 4 cats now... my cat just had kittens)
17. I hate to do laundry
18. I have a secret crush on Dennis Quaid. Oh, and Andy Garcia! Rawr!
19. I am a terrible bowler (unless I use those rubber bumpers)
20. I'm scared to death that people will walk away not liking me
21. I cry at Hallmark commercials
22. I have good comedic timing but cannot write my own jokes for shit
23. I was the first baby born in my city for that year! (nope, not telling what year.)
24. Screw it... 1963
25. Wine makes me giddy
26. When I started this I couldn't think of a damn thing to write and now I don't want to stop. But, I'll spare you. And that my dears...is me.


Blogger Bonnie said...

Awwwww! This is GREAT! I love your 25 things! All of them! And I love you!

Oh, and this is a great new template/background thingy. Just awesome! You're so creative. LOVE it! XXOO

5/17/2004 2:05 PM  

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