Wednesday, August 04, 2004

What a long weekend!

Thoroughly enjoyable!!! Started out on Thursday with new headshots. Beautiful afternoon! Had a great time with Ashley! It's always so fun getting headshots done alongside my lovely daughter. She is so incredibly beautiful and fun to watch because she is so natural in front of the camera. It doesn't hurt that David LaPorte (our photographer) is an absolute doll and we flirt with him like crazy! He just puts you at ease and the time goes by so fast! We took 9 rolls between the 2 of us! Sheesh!

After the photo shoot it was off to Dan Tana's for dinner and drinks with our very dear friends Bob Brody, Bonnie Gillespie and Keith Johnson. The food was tres magnifique and the drinks were forever flowing!!! We spotted Kim Delany at the next table and chatted it up with Harry Dean Stanton in the wee hours of the evening. A VERY fun time was had by all! I adore my friends. We always have such a fantastic time together.

Helped Bonnie and Keith move to a beautiful breezy new home in Santa Monica on Saturday. Pizza, beer, good friends and lotsa sweat! So, so fun! Missed my kitty. Bon had decided to board them for the day while we moved everything, which was smart since the door was constantly swinging open it wouldn't have been a good idea to keep them there. So, I'll have to wait! I miss her. :(

Monday's first sketch comedy group meeting went really well. We have a huge group of talented people involved and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. So watch out! We're coming to a theatre near you! Soon!

Out the door in a few minutes to go see a friend in a show at the Improv. A REAL date with my husband!!!! Oooooooh! Alert the media! It's been so long since we went on an actual date I'm not sure I remember how!!! Kidding. I'm so excited. I love dates! Teehee.


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