Sunday, July 11, 2004

Good people

They don't ask for any attention, or praise, or special recognition. They simply get busy and do what needs to be done. When something goes wrong, they don't complain or become mired in frustration. Instead, they do whatever is necessary to make it right.
When they say they will do something, they follow through and take whatever actions are necessary to get it done. They don't feel that the world owes them anything. They are truly thankful for the opportunity to make a positive difference and to create real value.

We sometimes forget how many good people there are. But one look around at all the valuable and useful things we so often take for granted, will serve as a reminder. They keep us fed, keep us warm, protect us, entertain us, inform us, keep us healthy and do so many other things far too numerous to mention. Some of life's greatest blessings come through the good people with whom we are privileged to be living.

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I try (as most people do) and surround myself with as many "Good People" as I can in my life. Of course one reason I do this is purely selfish in that by being around those good people I am giving myself a free education in how I too can live my life as a good person. Among those good people in my life now, is one of my favorite girlfriends and she is celebrating her 34th birthday today. This woman has not only given me countless invaluable lessons in my chosen profession in the entertainment industry... she has also given me life lessons in how to be a "Good Person" as well. Bonnie Gillespie happens to be one of the most extraordinary women I have had the pleasure of knowing and calling my friend. It is my hope that everyone reading this surrounds themselves with as many good people as you can. And, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Bon... don't turn your back... she's a keeper!

Happy birthday my BonnieBelle! I love you!!!



Blogger Bonnie said...

Awwwww. You just HAD to go and make me cry, didn't you?

I love you, Debra. You're one of the Good People too, you know.


7/11/2004 11:36 PM  

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