Sunday, April 03, 2005

I. Am. Beat.

We just wrapped the first week of shooting and I am ex-haus-ted!!! I have learned an incredible amount about filmmaking this week. Linda and Todd have been awesome and I appreciate all they have done to teach me the ropes!!! Not to mention giving me my second Associate Producer credit! The crew on this shoot is awesome! From the DP to the Script Supervisor (who's brother is a doctor so she brought me a specialty soap to help clear up eczema for my baby Maddie!) , the Make-up artist (who was involved in a terrible accident a few days before shooting in which her car rolled and she cracked her pelvis! She insisted on reporting for work the first day of shooting- she has been amazing!) , the Costume Designer (who has shown me some pretty clever and fun little tips!) Every one of them are extremely professional, pleasant and just a riot to work with!

We've got two more films slated to shoot this year right after this one! I'm very excited! Both are going to have much bigger budgets and one of them has an ensemble cast that will be so fun to cast!

So, after all these 12+ hour days and not getting home until 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning (night shoots this week) , I now have a TON of emails and such to catch up on and I'm going to lay around the house all day and do NOTHING!!! I'm beat! But, it's a good tired. I'm happy! Gawd, I love this business!


Anonymous Amy said...

And you thought I didn't read your blog :P

4/10/2005 1:48 AM  
Anonymous Nini said...

CONGRATULATIONS on having a wonderful filming experience AND on wrapping!

We just wrapped a 5-minute film and it felt like such an accomplishment - can only imagine what it's like to wrap a feature.

Now get some REST and get WELL SOON. :o)

4/12/2005 10:47 AM  

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