Monday, December 20, 2004

Yeah, I'm pretty proud!

Let's see. What's been going on in my life since election day? Well, aside from moving into a new home in L.A. from the O.C.. Mostly just prepping for the holidays and working on the career. Spending time with friends and spending a lot more time with my kids. We found the box of childrens books we had misplaced for a year and Madison has managed to get someone to read her just about every one! She looooves to be read to. Almost every morning is met with her asking, "Mommy, can you read to me this one?"

My oldest baby is on location shooting a feature film until Christmas Eve. I just heard from her a few hours ago. She's had a grueling couple of days of filming. Her voice is hoarse from being strangled for over 2 hours yesterday. She's got a lot more physical stuff to do yet. She still has to have her eye gouged out and her arm cut off! Most of their scenes are shot outside at night. They don't even get done till the wee hours sometimes. And it's freezing out there! I'm so dang excited for her. What a great experience this has been for her!!!

I'm also very proud of her. Some of the crew members were pouring out the praises for her the other day when I was visiting. I went up on Friday which was to be their day off. They ended up telling the local High School that they would do a little workshop thingie with the drama dept.. So the 5 lead actors--Ashley included--sat onstage with some of the crew and talked about the movie, the business of acting, getting started, etc.... Ashley was her lovely self. One of the crew members told the kids how professional Ashley was in the worst of circumstances. It was late and dark and freezing out and she had been filming for hours, scenes of her running through the woods screaming and crying. Her contact got folded over and caught up in the back corner of her eye. It took a minute for her to get it adjusted. They stopped so that she could take a break and fix herself up and she insisted that they not hold everyone up and just keep going. He said, "And BAM Ashley went right back into character and didn't skip a beat. She was awesome. So professional." Later we all met for lunch and more of the crew told me how impressed they were with Ashley's acting. The writer was there and told me he loved what Ashley brings to the character.

Then there is this from one of the producers. "[Ashley] is a true find. A very talented actor with a real warmth and inner glow. We know we are fortunate to have her in this production."

Sooooo proud of her!

Yep. She's ready.


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