Thursday, October 06, 2005

Yeah, yeah I've been busy. OKAY?!!!

I know. Just when I say that I'll post more often I go AWOL.

Let's see. What have I been doing? Well, I've been busy and I've been lazy. Busy with everyday life, lazy with posting to the blog. I'm a bad blogger!!! Haha!

Last week, due to Hurricane Rita, we had 15 people, 6 cats, 4 dogs and a hampster in this house. It was quite chaotic but interesting! Thankfully, all was well and our guests went home to a home still standing with no damage! Yay!

We bought a new Conversion Van!!!

I'm very happy about that. Not only do we now have a second car, we now have ample room for more than 4 people to travel comfortably in the same vehicle! The pics are of the inside of the van, the outside is black with gray trim and verrrrry pretty rims! Nice, eh? :)

I'm going back to school! More on that later when everything is a little more in place.

I have a girlfriend from high school who lives in Austin that I have kept a relationship with over the years and that has made things easier for me. I love her to death. She is an A++ personality person who is always going, going, going and it's never a dull moment with her! She keeps me motivated!

Lots of good things happening. Life is good! I miss my Ashley soooo so much! She is making me so proud making it on her own out there!

Oh! LOOK!!! Maddie lost her first tooth! She is growing up sooooo fast!

More later! I promise!!!


Blogger Bonnie said...

Back to school??? Oooooh, that's so cool!

Congrats on all good things happening. I misssssss you . Love you. XXOO

10/07/2005 2:14 AM  
Blogger Hal said...

Hey Debra,

Glad to see good things are happening for you deep in the heart of Texas, and thanks for checking out my blog!

Talk atcha later,


10/12/2005 1:06 AM  

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